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basics of flintknapping

basics of flintknapping

A beginner's guide to the tools and techniques used in making arrowheads from stone, a process called flintknapping.

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Prehistoric Survival | Flint Knapping |


flintknapping a spearhead from a rock

Working a piece of Keokuk chert from Oklahoma into a spearhead .

understanding platforms in flintknapping

In this video I explain what platforms are and how to strike them with extremely predictable results. This is percussion flintknapping, with keokuk chert and toilet ...

Flintknapping - Beginners Part 1

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng== This video series is available on DVD at the above link. Explains what flintknapping is and how it got ...

Flint Knapping with Douglas Alcorn II Beveled Hardin out of Burlington Chert

Filmed by Abby Forstner Artist Douglas Alcorn II https://m.facebook.com/douglas.alcorn.3?tsid=0.6143253302584554&source=result ...

flintknapping a spearhead part 1 breaking rock

This 3-part series will show you the 3 major phases of working stone into a functional projectile point: breaking the rock apart, then thinning (Part 2), and then ...

The Basics of Flintknapping by Paleoman52!

I shot this video in response to many requests I've had to show just how to get started in flintknapping. This will show the most basic tools you will need and how ...

Flintknapping A Kerrville Knife - aka - Butted Knife - Ancient Native American Technology.

Flintknapping A Kerrville Knife - aka - Butted Knife - Ancient Native American Technology. Click here to learn more about the Kerrville Knife: ...


VikingaTider hade den 12-13 augusti lite blandade aktiviteter såsom FLINTKNAPPING, stenåldershantverk och bushcraft med bland annat den mångtusenåriga ...

Flint Knapping a Large Biface from Texas Ameba Chert #01a

I have had this around for a few years now and I decided to finally try to biface it out. The final product will be offered for bids on eBay when finished.

Flintknapping with Douglas Alcorn II


Flintknapping - Isolated Platforms, Part 1

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng== This video series is available on DVD at the above link. Demomstrates the benefits of isolated ...

Flintknapping Exercise, Primitive Tools

Take a knappable rock and make as many tools as you can with as little waste as possible. It is a good challenge for the primitive survivalist and a lot of fun.

flint knapping breaking some rock #1

practicing how to run some flakes.

Flint Knapping Trade Secrets Vol. 1 - How Ishi Knapped a Slab Part 1

Ishi worked slabs in a very unique way. In this video, I demonstrate how I belive Ishi worked his glass slabs. I made these observations during a visit to the ...

Mill Luck Flint Knapping:Basket Making


Flintknapping the Type IV Danish Dagger by D.C. Waldorf

This synopsis of D.C. Waldorf's Flintknapping the Type IV Danish Dagger introduces each of the techniques used to created this extraordinary stone tool. The full ...

Flint Knapping - Heat Treating Knapping Stone

www.gillsprimitivearchery.com Ryan Gill shows how knapping stone can be heat treated under a fire like primitive man did thousands of years ago. While a ...

Actual Ishi Knapping Demo: Flintknapping Magazine

A rare film of Ishi, last Yahi Indian knapping demo at Golden Gate Park. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Make Your Own Antler Flintknapping Tools (HD)

http://primitivepathways.com Learn how to make and use your own antler flintknapping tools. In this video Billy Berger shows you the tools he uses, as well as ...

Flintknapping | How To Make Everything: Tools (2/6)

In this episode of How To Make Everything, Andy George learns ancient methods of creating sharp blades out of rocks. Subscribe to HTME channel: ...

Unintentional ASMR Flint Knapping - Tapping and Scratching

Abo Paleo Flint Knapping Original video by JackCrafty.

HOW TO Locate and Test Flintknapping Materials...Paleo Tracks Survival

MUST HAVE on HOW TO spot and assess the quality of stones when in the bush or in a natural environment. A general understanding of flintknapping ...



Flintknapping slabs part 2

Continuation of Flintknapping slabs into points by various methods.

Flint Knapping How-to, Thinning a half round cobble

In this video I show how to take a troublesome half round cobble and turn it into a use-able spall.

Spalling Huge Obsidian Boulders for Flintknapping - Emory Coons, Glass Buttes knap-in

http://www.pugetsoundknappers.com/interesting_stuff/member_art/Emory_Coons/Emory_Get_Well.html ...

200 - 1/2 Spalling Chert (Flint) for Flintknapping

A Levallois technique. I get lots of questions about where to find rock. Here's what I tell them: Getting good rock is frustrating for everyone. I know that doesn't ...

Flintfestival Andreas: Grinding axes and flintknapping european style

Private Knap In 2014 in Germany hosted by Andreas Benke. Features are: Grinding a flintaxe (with extra weight) Knapping Flintblades and square sectioned ...

Basic Flint Knapping - Spalling - Ancestral Knowledge

in this video please make note of the angles between the sides where the rock was struck and where the spall (large flake) is removed. the angles must be less ...

Flintknapping the Impossible-2

More techniques for making usable projectile points out of questionable pieces of chert. Because tool-quality stone was an important (and often limited) resource ...

junkyard flintknapping

flintknapping glass.


I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

The FlintKnapper - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Flintknapping is the craft of making stone tools that dates back to early man. Flintknapper Angela Parker demonstrates this ancient technique as she describes ...

Ray Mears Tracks flint knapping


MegaBopping Buffalo River Slab - Flint Knapping

Getting the saw marks off a slab. Flint Knapping.

434 - Rainy Buttes Arrowhead Flintknapping

A quick arrowhead from a flake. Not sure this type existed where Rainy Buttes stone is found. I will probably make another vid with an arrowhead type from that ...

540 - Dacite Flintknapping - Making Large Blade Using \

This video combines three earlier videos. Stone provided by Tim Mattingly.

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