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Flintknapping video

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More Flintknapping videos

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190 - Flintknapping Texas Chert Knife From Odd Shaped Spall

The quality is not very good in some spots where I was moving the workpiece around quickly. I guess better lighting would help? Anyway, I'll get back to Abo ...

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Flint Knapping - Crystal River, Florida

Join University of Florida students as they show the basics of heat treating chert in preparation for Flint Knapping. Not to waste a good fire, they also str...

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Flint Knapping - Will Lord shows how to make a Flint Hand Axe

Will Lord Demonstrating & Teaching Flint Knapping at one of Natural Pathways Flint Knapping Workshops in 2007. Will goes over the process of creating a Flint...

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Flintknapping- The Abo Kit

What Paleo Indian to the contact point Native American carried in his flintknapping kit.

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Making your own flint knapping tools. How to dome a copper cap.

An easy method for puttind a dome in a copper cap.

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Stone Knives | Flint Knives | Demonstrations | Flintknapping | Arrowheads | For Sale | Michigan

Art of Ishi Specializes in Stone Knives, Flint Knives, Flintknapping All For Sale, and This Video Demonstrates Some of Their Products For Sale In Michigan. w...

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Flintknapping - Isolated Platforms, Part 2

Continuation....Demomstrates the benefits of isolated platforms and shows how to prepare. Shows their use from initial reduction to the final finishing stages.

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Flintknapping with Bruce Bradley PHD DVD INTERpark.

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amatuer flint knapping

if the most important survival tool is the knife what do you do if you have,nt go one = flint knapping.

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Techniques for Flintknapping : How to Do Percussion Flaking

How to do percussion flaking in this free how-to video. Expert: John Olsen Bio: Through scratching and grinding rocks, John Olsen has made many authentic rep...

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Techniques for Flintknapping : Flint Knapping Defined

Flint knapping defined in this free how-to video. Expert: John Olsen Bio: Through scratching and grinding rocks, John Olsen has made many authentic replica a...

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Flintknapping with Dr. Bruce Huckell (Abridged)

This 4 min. video piece shows and explains the ancient process of flintknapping as demonstrated by Dr. Bruce Huckell of the University of New Mexico. This vi...

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Techniques for Flintknapping : How to Make Stone Age Tools

How to make stone age tools in this free How-to video. Expert: John Olsen Bio: Through scratching and grinding rocks, John Olsen has made many authentic repl...

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Flint knapping Percussion Strikes

Demonstration of a few percussion strikes on same slabbed Danish flint. The view gets better, a little tricky to get the camera right. Mostly use of a flat f...

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Quarrying Flintknapping Spalls Out of Toilet Tank

This is a video showing the UW-Oshkosh 2011 Primitive Technology class creating knappable pieces of material out of toilet tank lids. The edges of the lid ar...

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Ryan Flint Knapping

Ryan flint knapping at Prim Tech.

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Flintknapping - Cores and Blades Intro - Part 1

An itroduction to Cores and Blades showing recent replicas as well as photos of authentic ones from Greece.

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Flint Knapping - How To with Tom Kuhn

Buy the video now, online at: http://peopleofthestone.com/flint-knapping-how-video-online Professor of archeaology, author of the historical fiction series P...

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bo earls flint knapping collection

bo earls flint knapping collection . see amazing work from him and so many other knappers.

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Flintknapping - Beginners Part 6

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng%3D%3D This video series is available on DVD at the above link. This segment shows the 6 stages a rock goes thro...

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Flint knapping knives and eccentrics

Just recent flint knapping work, trying out different lithic styles. Forgot to mention for the eccentric I drilled out the center first under a thin pan of w...

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Flintknapping - Part 1

A 50 minute program on Native American flintknapping in five parts from Bellevue College and master flintknapper Harry Oda.

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Young Archaeologists' Club - Flint Knapping at Simonside May 2014

The North Pennines and Northumberland Uplands Young Archaeologists' Club meeting at Simonside in May 2014. Dr Rob Young teaches the Young Archaeologists abou...

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"Fat-foot" flintknapping a large biface

Displaying current development of larger biface pieces. Mostly larger obsidian biface with improved flake scars with examples in rainbow. Flintknapping rainb...

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flint knapping tool kit

flint knapping tool kit.

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Flintknapping Demonstration

Cleveland Museum of Natural History youth programs coordinator Mark Kollecker demonstrates flintknapping, the ancient art of making stone tools.

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Mississippi Citronelle Gravel - Flint Knapping

Thinning a piece of gravel from Natchez MS. Discuss heat treating gravel.

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Flintknapping with Jamie Leffler

Primitive Technologist, Jamie Leffler, demonstrates the art and science of flintknapping using a piece of quartzite.

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Edbo Ultra Light Bopper - Flint Knapping - Flintknapping.

1" PEX pipe and copper cap. Secondary thinning. Flint Knapping - Flintknapping.

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Flintknapping Typology & Nomenclature Part 1a.

Describes types and the parts of projectile points manufactured by Paleo Indian up to contact period.

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Larry Kinsella of Fairview Heights demonstrates part of the flintknapping process to make arrowheads from chunks of flint while at the Cahokia Mounds State H...

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Flintknapping at OJAM

A first-timer learns the basics of flintknapping at the Oklahoma Selfbow Jamboree.

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212 - Clovis Flintknapping Research and Trials Part 1

This book is very interesting. One thing I've learned is that clovis points at this site were not manufactured in the same ways or shaped into identical form...

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