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Flintknapping video

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More Flintknapping videos

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Flintknapping the Type IV Danish Dagger by D.C. Waldorf

This synopsis of D.C. Waldorf's Flintknapping the Type IV Danish Dagger introduces each of the techniques used to created this extraordinary stone tool. The ...

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Flint Knapping - Crystal River, Florida

Join University of Florida students as they show the basics of heat treating chert in preparation for Flint Knapping. Not to waste a good fire, they also str...

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via YouTube Capture.

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Flint Knapping - Will Lord shows how to make a Flint Hand Axe

Will Lord Demonstrating & Teaching Flint Knapping at one of Natural Pathways Flint Knapping Workshops in 2007. Will goes over the process of creating a Flint...

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Making your own flint knapping tools. How to dome a copper cap.

An easy method for puttind a dome in a copper cap.

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Flintknapping - Beginners Part 5

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng%3D%3D This video series is available on DVD at the above link. This part of the series discusses fracture mecha...

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Flint Knapping and Primitive Weapons Technology

Scott Jones is an archeologist, educator, and demonstrator of primitive technology. He was appearing at the April, 2013 Chehaw Indian Festival. In this video...

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Flintknapping - Cores and Blades Intro - Part 1

An itroduction to Cores and Blades showing recent replicas as well as photos of authentic ones from Greece.

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Flintknapping - Isolated Platforms, Part 2

Continuation....Demomstrates the benefits of isolated platforms and shows how to prepare. Shows their use from initial reduction to the final finishing stages.

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Techniques for Flintknapping : Flint Knapping Defined

Flint knapping defined in this free how-to video. Expert: John Olsen Bio: Through scratching and grinding rocks, John Olsen has made many authentic replica a...

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amatuer flint knapping

if the most important survival tool is the knife what do you do if you have,nt go one = flint knapping.

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Flake Technology: Flintknapping Obsidian by David White Wolfe Part one

Part one of a video of Flintknapping Obsidian. Prepared for Nick who requested a flintknapping video.

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Techniques for Flintknapping : How to Do Percussion Flaking

How to do percussion flaking in this free how-to video. Expert: John Olsen Bio: Through scratching and grinding rocks, John Olsen has made many authentic rep...

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Making arrowhead's , Flintknapping , wilderness survival

Making a arrowhead out of flint, I baked the flint rock over night in hot coal's buried under the ground it help's to get a flake to work with.

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Flintknapping with Dr. Bruce Huckell (Abridged)

This 4 min. video piece shows and explains the ancient process of flintknapping as demonstrated by Dr. Bruce Huckell of the University of New Mexico. This vi...

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Flintknapping: Next Steps by D.C. Waldorf

D.C. lifts up the average knapper several levels with his detailed description of the use of tools and strategies for working "hockey-puck" lumps that would ...

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Techniques for Flintknapping : How to Make Stone Age Tools

How to make stone age tools in this free How-to video. Expert: John Olsen Bio: Through scratching and grinding rocks, John Olsen has made many authentic repl...

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Flintknapping Hardhammer/Softhammer

Creating "softhammer" edge-initiated bending fractures with hammerstone or copper billet.

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Flint knapping Percussion Strikes

Demonstration of a few percussion strikes on same slabbed Danish flint. The view gets better, a little tricky to get the camera right. Mostly use of a flat f...

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Flintknapping - Part 1

A 50 minute program on Native American flintknapping in five parts from Bellevue College and master flintknapper Harry Oda.

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212 - Clovis Flintknapping Research and Trials Part 1

This book is very interesting. One thing I've learned is that clovis points at this site were not manufactured in the same ways or shaped into identical form...

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Flintknapping - Beginners Part 6

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng%3D%3D This video series is available on DVD at the above link. This segment shows the 6 stages a rock goes thro...

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Flintknapping- The Abo Kit

What Paleo Indian to the contact point Native American carried in his flintknapping kit.

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Flintknapping Typology & Nomenclature Part 1a.

Describes types and the parts of projectile points manufactured by Paleo Indian up to contact period.

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Flint knapping knives and eccentrics

Just recent flint knapping work, trying out different lithic styles. Forgot to mention for the eccentric I drilled out the center first under a thin pan of w...

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Ryan Flint Knapping

Ryan flint knapping at Prim Tech.

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The Flintknapper

Ken Wallace has been doing flint knapping since the 80´s. This is his story of how it started.

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Flintknapping at OJAM

A first-timer learns the basics of flintknapping at the Oklahoma Selfbow Jamboree.

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Flintknapping Demonstration

Cleveland Museum of Natural History youth programs coordinator Mark Kollecker demonstrates flintknapping, the ancient art of making stone tools.

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Quarrying Flintknapping Spalls Out of Toilet Tank

This is a video showing the UW-Oshkosh 2011 Primitive Technology class creating knappable pieces of material out of toilet tank lids. The edges of the lid ar...

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Flintknapping with Bruce Bradley PHD DVD INTERpark.

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bo earls flint knapping collection

bo earls flint knapping collection . see amazing work from him and so many other knappers.

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Flintknapping Typology & Nomenclature Part 1b.

Second part of Typology, also an Apology to Jcl-MD, and Puskin of BCUSA sorry for the mix up.

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Edbo Ultra Light Bopper - Flint Knapping - Flintknapping.

1" PEX pipe and copper cap. Secondary thinning. Flint Knapping - Flintknapping.

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flint knapping tool kit

flint knapping tool kit.

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