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flintknapping a spearhead from a rock

flintknapping a spearhead from a rock

Working a piece of Keokuk chert from Oklahoma into a spearhead .

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Flintknapping - Beginners Part 1

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng== This video series is available on DVD at the above link. Explains what flintknapping is and how it got started. This is part 1 of what...

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Flintknapping with Douglas Alcorn II


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Cherokee National Treasure Vyrl Keeter Flintknapping

Cherokee National Treasure Vyrl Keeter has been flintknapping for over sixty years. He show us some of the rocks and tools he uses to carry on the tradition.

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200 - 1/2 Spalling Chert (Flint) for Flintknapping

A Levallois technique. I get lots of questions about where to find rock. Here's what I tell them: Getting good rock is frustrating for everyone. I know that doesn't help but it's true. I've...

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VikingaTider hade den 12-13 augusti lite blandade aktiviteter såsom FLINTKNAPPING, stenåldershantverk och bushcraft med bland annat den mångtusenåriga kunskapen att tillverka redskap och...

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indirect flint knapping for beginners

this is for beginners, a explanation of indirect flintknapping.

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Raw Materials for Flint Knapping

Unloading the flint from the quarry for workshop details please visit us at www.will-lord.co.uk.

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434 - Rainy Buttes Arrowhead Flintknapping

A quick arrowhead from a flake. Not sure this type existed where Rainy Buttes stone is found. I will probably make another vid with an arrowhead type from that area.

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basics of flintknapping

A beginner's guide to the tools and techniques used in making arrowheads from stone, a process called flintknapping.

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Flintknapping | How To Make Everything: Tools (2/6)

In this episode of How To Make Everything, Andy George learns ancient methods of creating sharp blades out of rocks. Subscribe to HTME channel: http://bit.ly/1OmesgS For more information...

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Flintknapping a Fox Creek Spearpoint.

Naturalist Kirk Dreier knapps a Fox Creek Spear Point from Texas flint.

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flintknapping a slab part 1

In this first video of a 3-part series, I explain what a slab is, and how to begin flintknapping it into an arrowhead. This is carefully and slowly presented close-up; working a slab is the...

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Flint Knapping

Flint Knapping film done for the Georgia Southern Museum.

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Flintknapping A 2,000 Year Old Piece of Ancient Roman Glass

Flintknapping A 2000 year Old Piece of Ancient Roman Glass. These pieces of glass are not rare. You can find them on e-bay for $10 - $25.

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flintknapping clovis chapter 1

I show both hammerstone fluting and horozontal antler punch fluting. Steps in building a preform with hammerstones, platform prep. techniques, and ways to work around problems in material.

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Flintknapping - Beginners Part 3

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng== This video series is available on DVD at the above link. This segment discusses Flintknapping safety as well as common flintknapping terms,...

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Flintknapping at Lejre 2016

Flintknapping in the July sun at the living museum of Lejre.

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Flintknapping the Type IV Danish Dagger by D.C. Waldorf

This synopsis of D.C. Waldorf's Flintknapping the Type IV Danish Dagger introduces each of the techniques used to created this extraordinary stone tool. The full 2-hr video is available at...

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Flintknapping Rare Material and Slabs - Alibates

This video contains Alibates flint (agatized dolomite).

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317 - Flintknapping Red Glass Arrowhead Part 1/5 Preliminary Shaping

My Flintknapping Method and Tools: http://flintknapping.purzuit.com/video/capGa8Mr-mU.html http://flintknapping.purzuit.com/video/k0Hou3YkqpI.html Beginner Series Videos: http://flintknapping.purzuit.com/video/capGa8Mr-mU.html&list=P...

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Newly discovered flintknapping use of an ancient tool

Did ancient man use a tool identified for decades as arrow wrenches use them to Belly knapp? If not it sure is a great discovery for a life long flintknapper with a fused back, hardware and...

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Flint knapping tips. Thinning tough pieces.

Flint knapping tips for thinning tough to work pieces.

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Flintknapping - Beginners Part 5

http://www.flintknappers.com/store.php?sid=Ng== This video series is available on DVD at the above link. This part of the series discusses fracture mechanics, a scary word, but useful...

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MegaBopping Buffalo River Slab - Flint Knapping

Getting the saw marks off a slab. Flint Knapping.

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Flintknapping Alibates (heated) - Scallorn 1/2


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Harry Oda, master flintknapper, flintknapping demo (part 1)

Watch this amazing flintknapper work his magic on a nice piece of midnight lace obsidian. Pay attention to his small comments, they're all useful tips from a very well seasoned flint knapper....

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junkyard flintknapping

flintknapping glass.

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basic flint knapping

demonstration of flint knapping using hard hammer.

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Just starting to knap, an need all the help I can get.
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Basic Flint Knapping - Spalling - Ancestral Knowledge

in this video please make note of the angles between the sides where the rock was struck and where the spall (large flake) is removed. the angles must be less then 90 degrees to each other.

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Flintknapping - Blocky Problem rock 1


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